Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I am such a failier I even fail at failing.

So at the start of a very long weekend phyically ending by comming home to take the dog for a walk at 5:30 Sunday and beginning 8:10am Saturday when I set off for Bishop to do my 100 lengths.

There were 4 of us ready to swim two other middle aged women and a man. The women were doing 60 lenths and the man was doing 5k in two hours. I choose the lane with the man. So I set off to swim and after an hour I wanted a wee and convinced myself that I was going to be in the pool untill 10:05. So at about 9:50 I looked up to find out I only had to do 2 more lengths. My time was 1 hour 18 minutes and 20 seconds, the counter though it was impressive. So one would expect that I would then go home and rest.

I got changed and walked the 1.7 miles to the Rugby club, disapointingly I wasn't sore. I walked past a wool shop and bought some dk for socks. I should have bought some food on the way but didn't seem to pass any food shops, I am sure the stomack pains were hunger. I got to the club had a burger, some water and a mars.

Then took some pictures of the U13s playing a touring side, it was a good side which was good for our much improved side to be playing a better team. My partner refereed, when looking at the pictures I realised he had he was wearing a Gaycliffe shirt. I uploaded the pictures and showed to the opposition. Ok now go home and rest.

I managed to get a lift to "watch" the 2nds play Durham III I particualy wanted to visit Durham as I have connections there. This included a 2/3 mile walk to the pitch at Shincliffe. I took pictures of Durham III beating Bishop IIs for both sides. The day had a hot sun with a cold wind. It turns out the hot sun turned be bright red.

Soon after getting back was Charlotts 18th party a prominant character in the club. Stuart picked me up about 10:30, it was only then I told him how I did on the swim as I was annoyed he didn't pick me up or arange for me to be picked up. I had two matched to watch the next day. It turned out only the U17s county Final. Stuart left me at about 4pm to get the bus home. There is a walk up a steep hill from the club to the bus station. Home walk the dogand process the 600+ pictures I took.

I didn't feel well on Sunday morning hangover and premenstual stuff. So I didn't work hard enough

This morning (Tuesday) I went swimming again, only to be asked by my son "You said you would never do it again". Well I am fitter, thinner and can eat more chocolate and have got to do better next year.

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