Thursday, March 25, 2010

5 more swims before the big one. Today I swam somewhere between 60 and 66 lengths in 55 minutes. 2 lenghts in 15 minutes and 6 length in 5 minutes after that between 8:20 and 9:15. So judging by that I am on target to swim 100 lenghts less than 1.5 hours all 70k of me. I also know I have a body mas index of just over 25 which make me nearly obese. Not that Body mas Index is anything to go by.

Last weekend I had a nearly rugby free weekend going to barcamp and learning two new games. Powerpoint Carokee. Download a random power point you have never seen before and talk yourself though it. A Warewolf a mind game thingy. One of the lectures was titiled something like Jsritpt and how to impress girls, so of course all the girls attended. I think we all agreed that boys would be more impressed by girls knowing jscript that the other way round. Anyway I have been introduced to Jscript and CSS3. I think I am going to be be a stubbon bitch and use css3 knowing that the majority of poeple who use internet explorer will never see the improvements I have made.

The barcamp was held in the Life Centre which had no windows at eye height which meant that I didn't see the horizon for 26 hours a really strange experience. Got home via the rugby club to find the front door unlocked and my eldest upstairs on Samuel Xbox. Nice to know I am apprciated for something. I haven't seen or heard from him since.

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