Thursday, February 11, 2010

As the week draws towards Thursday I am thinking do I really want to do this. Do I really want to remove my body hair again. Funny thing is, walking back with my legs hurting it all seems worth while.

For the lads; I swam for 40 minutes one backstroke, back paddle, breaststoke, back paddle. The back paddle lengths took 50-55 seconds the breast stroke was faster and and the backstoke faster still. So I probably swam more than 40 lenths. My plan of action is to go once a week untill March and then twice a week untill the sponsored swim excpt the last thursday. I should probably swim at Bishop, where I intaily learnt to swim, at least once before the sponsorhip.

I find the first 20 or so length the worst then there come to a point where I could go on for ever. I should have taken something to tie my hair up with.

Swimming is a bit like taking the dog for a walk, which I think keeps me sane in that your mind wonders and sorts the world problems out. Who is annoying you who isn't who is growing on you, and at the same time is infurriating, and who is just infuriating you.

The rugby club has two Seniro home games this weekend and two junior home games again with the un16 and u13s. Last weekend I got some pictures of my son beating Consett. The pictures from the under 16s match were lifted from the bishopaucklandrugby website and spread round facebook like a virus. Some of the lads using the pictures as profile pictures. So they are all helping to promote rugby and the club.

And so as next Thursday draws near the less I will want to go.

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