Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today was the first day of the Falcons Training camp at bishop auckland rugby club. Stuart had decided to take two days off as he has plenty of holiday left. So I decided that he should come swimming with me at Bishop at lunch time as that is when they do lane swimming.

So Stuart dropped Samuel off, I purchased some picture frames for a picture I was asked to print for the club. We hung around for a bit, had a cup of tea. Whist chatting someone Steve came out with a brilliant line he said that Bob wasn't a very good geologist as he never made the earth move for his wife. Then went swimming, we were early so I looked round the place for at bit. The 3m high diving board had gone and the pool was shorter and the deepend was only 2m not 12 feet.

So how did Stuart do? Well he swam 40 lenghts breast stoke in 45 minutes. Me, I was better I did 40 and some more waiting for Stuart to do his forty possilby 54ish. 15 minutes to do the first and worst 20. Swimming with someone is better because you have to at least keep up with them if not beat them and you can talk to them.

There was in the pool a big hairy tatooed man who swam faster than me but really smoothly.

So I am thinking at the moment yes I will be able to do it about 90 minutes. And as from the 1st of March I will be swimming twice a week.

I have walked the dog and am thinking of walking 2 miles to the club tonight and yes I am mad.

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