Thursday, February 04, 2010

Walking now there's an interesting concept, it certainly seemed I had forgotton to do it when I had finished my 30ish lenghts. Then I had to (wasn't perpared to spend £1.20 on the bus) walk 1.2 miles home and will walk the dog later 1.5 miles and no doubt when I begin to feel fit walk to the sports club another 2 miles what would that be 4.7 miles, not this week though.

I can not count, it seems silly when I have an MSc in maths, but I can't so I cann't be accurate about the lengths I have beeen doing. I knit socks and it is a problem there as well. So I can't count but my the haze after the swim I am working out the change while shopping. The receptionist at the pool suggested that £32 as opposed to £23 is a saving of 10% --- not quite. I bet you reading this thinking she can't spell.

I wasn't keen to go this morning I am by nature a lazy person and the first 20 length were the worst then after that I got to feel I could go on for ever. I spent 35 minutes in the pool. I am acking that has to be good even my wrist hurts. I have also bought voucher for 10 swims for £23 so I am at least committed to 9 more swims. After next week I will start swimming twice a week.

I would be fitter if it weren't for the snow, I used to like snow but it is preventing me from seeing the people I like. Matches are being called off training cancelled. It would seem that taking pictures is phyical not only standing in the cold and trying to get the best shots but the hour or so afterwards sorting and getting a selection on the web. Oh well the bad weather can't last for ever. It will mean I will be busy between now and May

It turns out that I am not the only person from Bishop Auckland Rugby Club to be doing the swim at the same time for the same reason. I am doing it Friday so that it doesn't interfere with the rugby. I will of course support Butch in his 2.5k swim. His intention is to give to the rugby club with his swim. I don't have a problem with that if people would rather give to bish rugby that marie curie I am happy with that.

So let me see if I am fitter for next Thursday and possibly the following Tuesday at Aycliffe Rec

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