Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am dyslexic which explains why I haven't seen any weighing matching or been given any dietry advice. So I have no idea whether I am loosing wieght or not I am certainly eating more, I suspect that I am fitter. Last Thursday I walked to the sports club a two mile walk and did it in half an hour. I may walk there today after walking home and walking the dog today a distance of 4.7 miles in total.

As of next week I will be going slimming twice a week maybe 2 1/2 hours we shall see. This week I have had a bad cold probably doing to much trying to beat Stuart last week. When I have a cold everybody suffers

I don't know how many length I swam this week more than 20 and possibly more than 40 spending 40/45 minutes in the pool. Walking home my legs hurt we shall see what I am like tomorrow.

As for rugby who know the weather is a still a bit changable at the moment it is amazing how obsessed you can become with the weather when if affects what you do. Most people talk about the weather for something to talk about the same way most men talk about football even if they are not that interested.

So next week 2 half hour sessions

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