Thursday, March 18, 2010

So 9 swims left. I have rearranged to do the swim on Saturaday the 17th of April between 8:30 and 10:30. The Under 13s, my sons team, has a touring side to play against on that moring which I Should imagine I will be expected to take pictures. The kick off will be 11am. I have also found out that I do not need my partner to count they have staff that can do that. In the afternoon the firsts are playing at home the following morning the 16s have a home game.

My swimming this week hasn't gone that well because I am beginning to talk to people and waste time that way. So I probably only did 30 lenths on Tuesday and swam for 40 minutes today. I think the swimming is doing me good apart from being hungry all of the time I seem to be firmer. I have been told the best time to go swimming is 8am Tuesday and Thursday.

This weekend I am not doing any rugby because I am going to barcamp north east in Newcastle. Should at least be a break from the politics of the u13s team. Even if I chose not to be involved one can't help but experience the tensions that others are experiencing. Apart from creating my own, I am very good at that.

So am hoping that this weekend will give me a break. Trouble is I need to find something to talk about soap making maybe or knitting socks anyway that is for tomorrow.

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