Thursday, March 11, 2010

There are 11 swims left before the big one. This week I have swam 30 and 40 minutes. I reckon I am doing 4 lengths in 3 minutes. So today based on that I did about 50 lenths. So as a rough estimate I would be doing the swim in 75 to 90 minutes.

The under 9s team at bishop are organising a mile run for sport relife the adults can pay £1 and walk round if they wish especially if they are bald and over 40. My cop out is I am needed to take the pictures so therefore I cannot do the run. So I paid my pound and am going to swim it 64 lengths is on the way to 100. People can not come and watch me do the swim as I am doing it on a Friday morning. hopefully Stuart is taking the day off to count my lengths. Anyway there is time for things to change.

My youngest(13) has beed excluded from school for setting up a facebook group against a teacher he doesn't like. To his credit it did get 97 memebers. He is being very mature about it accepting his punishment. He knows that it was wrong and he will not do it again. however, I think we both see the other side of this.

As for next week 30 minutes and 45 minutes 40 + 60 getting there although it doesn't fell like it at the moment and in the meantime knitting socks and doing websites,

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