Thursday, March 04, 2010

This is the first week I have swam 2 1/2 hour sessions. And today I had to make my own way to the swimming pool as Stuart has to go to Rotherham for a meeting. It was a beautifill morning, cold and clear. I was lazy and got the bus back, but I could still end up walking 4.7 miles today.

As for the swimming I think my stammina is increasing I am now swimming 2 backstoke 1 breaststoke and 1 back paddle I say paddle I rarely use my hands. The trouble with swimming on your back is that you can't see where you are going and it annoys people. Ladies who manage not to get there hair wet untill they get in the shower. I think I am fitter in myself as well although I think I need a bit more stamina for the big day.

So Other than the rugby club by that I mean Bishop Auckland not Aycliffe. I have been commisioned to knit for my grandchild. They asked for a blanket and a toucan. The blanket will consist of 100 10cm square so far I have knitted 4 along with 1 pair of baby socks and mits and a hat. I suppose this is one of the qualifications for being a granny.

I am really proud that the County website ( have put a link to the county pictures I took last Sunday at Bishop Auckland. The wheather was terrible dark and rainy.

Now I am thinking will I continue after the big day, I really don't know, but if I didn't it would be as stupid as a rugby club running out of beer

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